Making Notal and Dropbox work together on Android

Many thanks to Sylwia for sending us this tutorial!

Dropbox can be used to make Notal notes accessible online, or to edit them on a PC. To achieve this, a few simple steps should be followed.

Notal set-up

You have to go to Preferences, and change Default Storage to external. This way all new files will be saved in an accessible folder on your Android phone.

All files that are already in Notal have the old default option which is internal. It can be changed, but it must be done for each file separately. To do so, open the desired note, go to Preferences and Details where you choose external.


Here you also see the exact file path for your note, and the folder for all notes. The path varies within devices, so it is good to write this down.

Dropbox set-up

To synchronize the notes with Notal, we will use Dropsync. We will use a free version of the app. If you would like to use it for more than just Notal, you will need 5$ for the paid version, but free version allows full two-way synchronization of one folder. This is enough for Notal only.

After installing the app, you will be asked to Link it to DropBox.


After a successful linking, you will be presented with some instruction text. Read it, and press Next. The following step is to choose the Notal location on your Android device. This is the time when you follow the previously written down path. The final choice will look like this (yes it is empty even if you have files there, no reason to worry, it only shows folders):


Now you just have to choose Select. In the next view you choose which folder in Dropbox will be synchronized with the Notal folder. You can create a new folder, and then choose it, if you have not created a specific Notal folder before. It is good to use a designated folder, especially for a full two-way synchronization. But if you want to upload to Dropbox only, it is not necessary.

The next step is choosing the synchronization option. The default one is a two-way. You can just click next. If you want something else, there are a few options.



You will be presented with a summary information. You can make sure everything is correct and choose Done.

Go back to main window. You will see your sync latest statistics and Dropbox settings. You can choose synchronize conditions in the Settings.

The free version of Dropsync is limited to 8MB per file, but it is more than enough for text files.

Make it work together

In the end, one important point. If you edit a note on a different device and synchronize it, Notal will automatically see changes. If you create a new note in Notal, it is visible in Dropbox and can be edited on a different device. But if you create a note on a different device (e.g. PC) Notal will not see it automatically. To be able to see it, you have to enable external viewing of notes. Go to Notal Preferences and enable External File Viewer.


Now you can go to a Notal folder on Android and open a desired file. You can only view it, but if you want it in your Notal file list you have to save it. Click the floppy icon in the upper right corner.


When you save it, it will re-open in full-featured Notal window where you can share and edit it.