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With more than 300,000 downloads at Download.com in desktop version, Wake Up on Lan is now available for Android devices, of course, FREE!

Fusion WOL wakes your computers remotely over the network!

Fusion WOL allows you to create and manage computers and groups of them, and power them on from your device. This tool implements the Wake-on-LAN protocol to wake up your computers remotely over the network (and the Internet).

Wake-on-LAN uses a special network message called a "magic packet". The target computer listens for a magic packet addressed to it and then initiates system wake-up. This protocol is implemented on the motherboard (BIOS) of a computer and the network interface (firmware), and is consequently not dependent on the operating system. In order for Wake-on-LAN to work, parts of the network interface need to stay on.



✓ Manage hosts and groups
✓ Wake and Ping hosts
✓ Wake and Ping entire groups
✓ MAC Address auto-discovery
✓ Filter by Name, Group, IP or MAC Address
✓ Create shortcuts
✓ Configurable Protocol/Port
✓ SecureOn
✓ OUI Lookup


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